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ULTRA LIMITED luxury series hand-sewn in France for daring women

Made in france Petites séries luxe

Made in France

By buying from us, we guarantee you a garment made in our workshops located in Paris and Roubaix. We are concentrating all of our efforts for a world of ethics in order to offer you eco-responsible clothing.

In limited series

Unlike mass distribution, we opt for small luxury series all year round. We do not buy our fabrics by the roll but by the meter. Each garment is designed with noble fabrics from major fashion houses.


You opt for quality products, not quantity. We take the time to manufacture each part one by one with care and passion. By our side, you will perpetuate French know-how and contribute to the smooth running of the economy in France.

Maison Cassandra Le Maistre offers two collections per year in ultra limited series.

Concerned about the quality of her products and wishing to promote ethical fashion , the designer puts the spotlight on French know-how through her local workshop in Hauts -of France.

Each piece is made with special attention.

These are treasures to be carried with pride. Between 3 and 15 pieces are made per model. What makes your product unique.

Cassandra Le Maistre is 

  • Quality "designer" products with noble fabrics from big fashion houses
  • Unique products made in France
  • Micro-collections with ultra limited editions
  • Unique pieces on customer request
  • Collaborations between designers because we are committed to uniting talents
  • A tailor-made service (wedding dresses, evening dresses, suits, etc.)