L'Impétueuse dress

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L'Impétueuse is an original dress, an exceptional piece.

A first upper part with a plunging neckline on the front and openings on each side thus revealing the size. These openings bring sensuality to the cut and highlight all the beauty of the woman.

A second part (the lower part of the dress) is in the wallet style, with an asymmetrical hem that breaks the lines.

The whole body is entirely in black velvet. Only 3/4 length sleeves have a leather insert. The sleeves are very interesting because they come to clip and unclip from the dress, giving it two different styles.


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  • Asymmetrical dress
  • Plunging neckline
  • 3/4 sleeves that clip onto the dress
  • Opening on the ribs
  • Invisible zipper on the back


  • 100% Cotton black velvet
  • 100% Calfskin
  • Lining 75% Viscose, 25% Acetate

The dress is in black cotton velvet and metallic calfskin. This comes from the skin of calves and has undergone two transformations.

The first being that it was applied a metallic color. The second is that he received an effect called "snakeskin" thus mimicking the pattern of snakeskin. These little facets found on snakeskin will each capture light independently and make the leather even brighter.

As for the velvet that we have selected, it is very soft and dark. It brings a very chic and elegant look to the room. The sleeves are the modern touch and the signature of the brand.


The designer keeps in mind to make high-end pieces of clothing while keeping the "wearable" side of the garment.

This implies that the product must be "washable".

It seems obvious, but it is not necessarily the case when using noble materials which are difficult to clean.

In the case of L'Impétueuse , the designer has thought about sleeves that clip and unclip so that the dress can be washed without damaging the leather.


Size 1 (T1) corresponds to a 34/36.

Size 2 (T2) corresponds to a 38.

Size 3 (T3) corresponds to a 40/42.

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The sleeves use the Pi motif, iconic for the house.

Inspired directly from the native island of the designer: Marie-Galante.

Sitting for a long time gazing at the turquoise sea of the island, she enjoys watching the sun shimmer on the sea.

This creates a thousand lights on the sea like a network of lines.

From this idea will be born the iconic motif of the house.


This dress is technically a masterpiece, after hours of work we finally managed to prototype it.

On several occasions, it was almost canceled from the collection because it was very difficult to achieve.

The sleeves are also very technical, because they were designed on software and then the leather was laser cut.

The designer with a degree in Fashion and High Technologies has a special link with new technologies. She enjoys interweaving craftsmanship and modern technology in her collections.

This translates into pieces of clothing combining both sophistication and avant-garde.


Before washing, turn the garment inside out so that you are treating the flat side. Use a small amount (not more than a teaspoon) of liquid detergent designed for delicate laundry in cold water. Immerse it in soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. Hang or let dry flat.

If you want to machine wash your velvet, wash it alone or with a light load to prevent excessive shaking. Use cold or cool water settings. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as they can ruin the delicate down. Quickly remove it from the machine when the cycle is complete. Hang it or let it dry flat.

 It is preferable to wash the dress without the sleeves, this will make it possible to permanently save the quality of the leather. If you want to wash the sleeves (despite everything), it is imperative to do so in dry cleaning.


We strive to maintain high standards and quality from product to packaging.

Each product is carefully folded and wrapped in tissue paper. All delicately packaged in a pretty cardboard box with the brand's initials and closed with a personalized ribbon.

A pouch made with the scraps of material offered to you for each order made on our website.

Cassandra Le Maistre, you know, it is an awakened brand whose heart is a sustainable approach in short circuit and far from mass production.

Each product is designed to sublimate the female body but also in a responsible approach with materials from end of rolls from major fashion houses (such as Balmain, Balenciaga etc ...).


All our products are based on a size 36 (T0) with a:

  • Waist size: 66 cm.
  • Bust: 84 cm
  • Hip size : 89 cm

All our products are based on a size 38 (T1) with a:

  • Waist size: 72,5 cm.
  • Bust: 88 cm
  • Hip size : 93 cm

All our products are based on a size 40 (T2) with a:

  • Waist size: 74 cm.
  • Bust: 92 cm
  • Hip size : 97 cm


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