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Cassandra Le Maistre X Oddchap

Native of Marie-Galante, a small tropical island located in the south of Guadeloupe, I used to protect myself from the sun by covering my head: turban, sarong, cap, West Indian headdress or straw hat ... Nothing more natural for me!

My grandfather never went out without his hat on, and I took great pleasure in trying it as soon as his back was turned. Ah, how he didn't like having his hat touched!

For my 16th birthday, my father gave me my first hat. This one very quickly became my fashion accessory. Then it was around my partner to offer me my first custom hat!

This is how I realized that I paid a lot of attention to what appears on the head! It is therefore natural that my first artistic collaboration is carried out with a hatter.

Pierre is a 25-year-old self-taught auto-entrepreneur, very creative and he has been designing and manufacturing hats for men (essentially) for 3 years!

You could hear him talking about the hours on his hats and the techniques used to make them. He’s passionate just like me!

So when I asked him to work together, combining our skills, he said yes without hesitation!

It is also an opportunity to showcase your work and know-how, but above all to reach a female target while making quality and high-end.

Basically, democratize the hat through all those who dare!

Together, we worked on hats that we liked. And since there were several, we decided to offer a “modular” model.

The client chooses the accessories and details she wants (grosgrain, chain, embroidery,).

We stayed in the spirit of the house by offering an elegant and refined hat.

This hat, you can see it here :