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Masque français CLM


Au vu de la situation sanitaire présente en France et plus généralement dans le monde dû à la COVID19, nous vous proposons notre modÚle de masque made in France.

CLM tee-shirt


We offer you a quality t-shirt.

With an organic cotton very soft and pleasant on the skin, its weight (185gr / mÂČ) will make the difference with your other T-shirts.

Heavy enough not to tear to shreds on the first wash, it will keep a good hold.


La Quotidienne sweater

190.00 150.00

The house offers its customers a pretty basic: one that you can easily wear with your entire wardrobe.

The designer has mainly worked on the collar. She opted for a high collar in the spirit of collar Mao but gave it space, she widened it which gives a special character to the piece. The designer wanted an original collar and less already seen.

She also chose a flamboyant orange color that will add punch to your wardrobe.

Its fine mesh material (100% cotton) made it possible to create a sweater with a more fitted rather than loose cut.

This is a hand-sewn piece in very limited editions!

Topi tOP


This little top from the Pi collection is chic and elegant.

Very graphic, its leather line brings a modern and sophisticated touch to the piece.

Its open back is very feminine and its black color is very easy to associate with all your wardrobe.


ToPine Top

90.00 55.00

You asked for it and here it is!

The ToPine top is now available for sale.

This pretty blouse can be worn from the front as well as from the side. It is very easy to pair with loose pants or shorts.

With our model Blandine,

we decided to pair the top with the shorts WhityBlack .



Carte Blanche shorts

190.00 120.00

These viscose shorts will give you softness and comfort. In addition to being very comfortable to wear, they will easily marry your wardrobe and bring elegance to all your outfits.