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Haut foulard


This little top in 100% silk is pure jewelry!

Made in our Haut de France workshops, it is available in two colors ; gold or garnet.

It's a piece that goes very easily with everything.

Initially thought of as a scarf, it has been available in a perfect little top for summer!

Very elegant, it is draped around the body. It is very chic and incredibly sensual! Its 100% silk fabric is very pleasant on the skin.

The top is fluid and light, it goes as well with white as with black.

Timeless Set CLM


Adopt the timeless ensemble of the Maison Cassandra LE MAISTRE

Lke Romy, wear your CLM outfit with attitude! Ideal for your occasions, this set is only available for pre-order at contact@cassandralemaistre.fr

Send us an e-mail stating:

-the desired fabric

-the desired color

-the desired size OR if you opt for tailor-made


This set was also highlighted by the press magazine Nude. in its 76th edition - Glass Animals The latter presented on 4 pages (from 40 to 43), a shooting session (a bit roots) carried out with the talented photographer Romana Caban-Chastas.


This young Guadeloupean takes the stage through self-portraits and carries the timeless ensemble of the Cassandra Le Maistre House.

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Masque français CLM


Au vu de la situation sanitaire présente en France et plus généralement dans le monde dû à la COVID19, nous vous proposons notre modèle de masque made in France.

La Protégée Coat


This coat will give you absolute class and presence.

Its straight cut and XXL collar make it a piece apart.

It is available in 2 colors. Ecru or coffee? Make your choice !

La Franche skurt

This skirt was designed to make a suit jacket/skirt set.

Inspired by the tailor Chanel, you will have a perfect and elegant outfit.

You can wear the skirt in total look or on the contrary combine it with other pieces of the collection.

Tweed is a timeless material that has marked the ages with its refined and elegant appearance.

This one is made of a lurex thread that illuminates the material. It really is the fine detail.


La Féminine dress

410.00 350.00

This dress is the logical continuation of our Impetueuse piece. Inspired by the pinafore dress, it uses the same codes.

It is asymmetrical and this time is made of a denim material enhanced with white stitching.


l'Iconique jumpsuit

490.00 410.00

This jumpsuit are the spotlight piece of this fall / winter 2019/20 season!

Easily adaptable to everyday life, it can be worn with a sweater as well as a blouse or a T-shirt.

Its removable straps allow you to dress it in a variety of ways.

This is the most sportswear piece in the collection, especially since its pattern on the right side shines in the night! 🙂

CLM tee-shirt


We offer you a quality t-shirt.

With an organic cotton very soft and pleasant on the skin, its weight (185gr / m²) will make the difference with your other T-shirts.

Heavy enough not to tear to shreds on the first wash, it will keep a good hold.


La Quotidienne sweater

190.00 150.00

The house offers its customers a pretty basic: one that you can easily wear with your entire wardrobe.

The designer has mainly worked on the collar. She opted for a high collar in the spirit of collar Mao but gave it space, she widened it which gives a special character to the piece. The designer wanted an original collar and less already seen.

She also chose a flamboyant orange color that will add punch to your wardrobe.

Its fine mesh material (100% cotton) made it possible to create a sweater with a more fitted rather than loose cut.

This is a hand-sewn piece in very limited editions!

La Culottée trousers


These super sleek white denim pants have two patch pockets on the back. These are the only pops of color in the piece since they are in sky blue denim. The Pi motif, iconic at home, is depicted in negative on the pockets.

These pants, sewn in our French workshops, will go very well with the different tops of our collections.

Emma Virtz , muse of the Les Audacieuses collection is 1m73 and wears a size 1 (T1).


La Désinvolte Jacket


The jacket is arguably the most exploited product family by the designer.

Mlle Cass’ is cut short, giving it a decidedly modern style. Designed with shoulder pads to lift and reveal the build, this cut gives women a straight and proud silhouette, an assertive silhouette.

Its buttonhole topped with 3 buttons is placed at an angle. Its position breaks the lines and brings an avant-garde touch to the cut and the fabric.

Inspired by the Chanel suit, this hand-sewn jacket in Hauts-de-France is elegance par excellence. Its material is composed of lurex threads, which gives it effects of shine in places. It’s really a very pretty fabric.

Mlle Cass' jacket


Inspired by the officer's jacket, Miss Cass ' represents more than 30 hours of work before she is yours.

It is the conjuncture of a piece that is at once minimalist, graphic and out of the ordinary. It was thought out then assembled with passion, every detail counts.


Size 1 (T1) corresponds to a 36/38.

Size 2 (T2) corresponds to a 40/42.

Choose your usual size.